Friday, July 27, 2012

A bike ride across... Iowa :)

This week was Ragbrai, if you have not heard of this you can read about it here. It is a bike ride across the state of Iowa. People from all over the world come to the small state of Iowa and ride this bike year after year, this year there was about 10,000 people in the ride. Some people ride the entire ride this year is started in Sioux Center Iowa and will dip their front tires in the Mississippi river on Saturday in Clinton, IA,  each day the riders ride about 60-70 miles the average is 67 miles. They also have a different route for people who want more of a challenge. All the towns with over night stays have a big party for the riders and provide them with a great time. Last night Cedar Rapids had an over night stay with a Counting Crows as the entertainment! Cedar Rapids suffered a serious flood in 2008 and it was so great to see how the town has come back and how surprised people were of where the water was just 4 short years ago!

This year my home town was a ride through town and my parents took the day off from work to attend the festivities in town, my dad said it was a great experience and he ran into some old friends who recruited him to ride next year..... and since my dad is the best dad around he decided he would also recruit Joe and I to ride next year........... gee dad thanks :) Looks like training needed to start 3 months ago haha! Have you ever rode in Ragbrai or rode in a bike ride like this? I am looking forward to doing, if i do it :) I also think it would neat to go through all the little towns in Iowa that i have never been too!

Here is a couple pictures of the riders and a couple from my hometown stop :)


Here they are entering my hometown! Image

I think this is so cool! People from Finland, Australia and all over the United States participate in Ragbrai! I sure hope i can be a part of this next year!

Happy Friday!

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Megan said... [Reply]

Oh wow! That is awesome!!!! How fun!