Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! Today is going to be the last day for us with no snow, we are going into a Winter Weather Advisory tonight at p.m. We are not going to get a ton of snow, but just enough to cover the ground, i am anxious to see if it sticks at all, we have been having record heat this month, 2 days in the 60's! That is crazy talk for Iowa :)

I'm Loving:  I really do enjoy the first snowfall of the season, it is usually so pretty sticking to the trees and glistening snow in the open fields :)
I'm Loving:  My Ugg slippers i got for Christmas! I have not really been able to use them because of the mild weather we have been having, but i am sure after the snow and wind expected tonight i will be using them daily until Spring comes :)

I'm Loving:  Looking at DSLR cameras, i love to take pictures and since we are planning a trip i am hoping to get one before we take off :) I also want to have it around to take LOTS of pictures of our niece or nephew and of course Lily!! Do you have  DSLR? What do you love or hate about yours? I am thinking about the Nikon D5100.
I'm Loving:  That i got this cute tree as a gift as well, i am very excited to decorate it for all the seasons! I already have my Valentines ornaments waiting to decorate the tree, but i am in need of some tree skirts for the tree, so i am in the search of a sewing machine as well, i want something that a beginner can use but can also do a little more than just small jobs...... So if you have any suggestions on sewing machines, i would love to have them! I am currently looking at these 2. 
These are the 2 sewing machines i am looking at: I am trying to find some that the local stores where i live have them so i can see them before i purchase it.

Image & Details
Image & Details
I'm Loving: All the music and Apps i have added to my Ipod lately! I am hoping the Cell phone company we use will he carrying the I phone here shortly, so i am hoping my trusty Blackberry holds up for a couple more months until the new phones arrive! If you have a great phone that is not an IPhone i would love to hear about it, i need it to have great functions, because i use it for work as well.

I'm Loving:  These 2 of course, this is the last week before Joe goes back to school, so Macy and I have been taking advantage of having him at home, but the GREAT news is starting in February he will have weekends off!! I am so happy he has been working 8 years and having different days off and now he will have Friday and Saturdays, which is great because that means we can spend more time together!!
 I am also getting close to my giveaway time, so i would love to have new followers and share the love! I am 11 followers away from my 1st giveaway!! Love to you all :)

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Jennifer said... [Reply]

Love that snow picture.

Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

Snow sounds so nice! And those slippers will be perfect for that cozy weather!

Cute tree too, where is that from?

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said... [Reply]

So sweet!

A nice camera has been on my wishlist for a long time now, I think 2012 will be the year I just might make the splurge!

J and A said... [Reply]

LOVE that sewing machine!! And those slippers are awesome. Cruz would love them, ha ha!

Dark Heart 2011 said... [Reply]
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Ashley said... [Reply]

Having the weekends off together will be awesome for you two! We have had such a mild winter this year- which is awesome because I have to work even when it snows! :)

Chris and Carolyn said... [Reply]

i am not excited for the 3-6 inches of snow coming our way!!! i have been LOVING this mild weather! i have a nikon d40 which i LOVE and would highly recommend. they don't make it anymore so you would have to find it online, but its the perfect digital SLR for a beginner and takes amazing pictures. it's also on the lower end for price because its discontinued.

i think you should just buy a cheap singer or brother $150 or less, you can find them at sears or other local stores. i have been sewing for a long time (not super regularly) but I have a pretty cheapo singer from sears that has been so good to me! and if you aren't taking on sewing full time, there isn't a need to spend a bunch of money! i realllllly want to buy an embroidery machine...but those are pricey!