Thursday, January 12, 2012

HELP! Purses and Vacation

Ladies and Gents-

This lady is desperate need of a new purse/handbag and a work bag, i have been searching every store and outlets for something that will be perfect, but no luck so far, so i am in need of your help!

I am someone who carries lots of stuff with me in my purse, so i need something on the large side here is my current handbag that needs to be retired! I have been using it for about 2.5 years  and i LOVE it, but i am ready for something new!

Do any of you have the perfect handbag or work bag that you would recommend? Please send suggestions my way, with where you got it and if you have the website link that is even better :)

We also have narrowed some Vacation spots down to the following 3 locations, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya or Antigua. I have a few resorts that we like, but i am wanting first hand reviews, if you have been to any resorts at the above locations, and loved or hated them, PLEASE help me and give me a review!


Punta Cana

Riviera maya
How could it possibly be bad to be at any of these beaches or waters!

Thank you!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

I am trying to plan our vacations, too. I think it helps get me through winter, ha! Are you doing all-inclusive?