Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Club Friday and 12 in 2012

Time to link up for Book Club Friday! I feel like this week has taken forever to get over..... Must be the weather, it has been really dreary here lately.

I finished Pick Another Checkout Lane honey, it was a really informative read, plus who doesn't want to learn how to save money and get the goods you need for day to day life!! You should read this if you want the know how of couponing!

Last week i mentioned i was ready Extremely Loud, Incredibly close, but i just could not get into the book, so i have put it down for awhile and i am going to try it again later, maybe if i see the movie, i will have something to look forward too? :)

So i am jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon and i will be starting that this weekend! I am anxious to start this series, because i have heard so many good things about it. It will be a good weekend to start reading this because we are going to be getting some snow, so i will be staying inside :)

In other news! I just bought Blake Shelton tickets!!! So excited to see him in concert! The concert is in July, so i have a long wait until that times comes!

Also, it is babies babies everywhere, 2 of my co-workers are expecting, my sister in law and my aunt just announced she is expecting too!! I am so excited to see all these little ones!

I told myself this year, i was not going to make a New Years Resolution, because i sometimes fall off the bandwagon and never complete it, so i decided to do 12 goals for 2012, i have seen a lot of people doing this. I know i am about a month behind, but remember it is goals for 2012 :) so here they are!

1. Read and implement Dave Ramsey's money makeover!
2. Complete 12 things off my 101 in 1001 days list
3. Bring my lunch 4 our of 5 days to work!
4. Making something i "pin" off pinterest 1 time a month
5. Re-design my blog, any suggestions???
6. Stick to my cleaning schedule, it makes life so much easier on the weekends!
7. Take more pictures, i use to be really good at capturing things, but the last couple years i have quit and i need to get back into doing that
8. Complete the couch to 5k
9. Add some color to my house, i want to spruce up my kitchen, so if anyone has a great color suggestion for kitchens, please let me know!
10. Volunteer, i want to find something i am passionate about and be able to enjoy giving my time.
11. Complete the 13 week Wellness program offered at work!
12. Sky dive, i have been wanting to do this and hope to get a couple friends to join me :)

So there are my goals, some are not very good, but i love TO DO lists and this list will help me get some of these things done!

Happy Friday! Can't wait to see what you are reading! 

Until next time,


Amber Johnson said... [Reply]

I just about bought Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at Target today, but then decided against it. I have WAAAAY too many unread books to be buying more!

I'm sure at some point I'll pick it up though, maybe I'll find it used. Let me know what you think of the movie!

lori said... [Reply]

i want to read the coupon lady's book... always good to get some tips to save money :)

i love your background... leopard print is my fave :)

Jennifer said... [Reply]

Hunger Gsmes = one of my favorite series.

You will love it!

Heather said... [Reply]

I know I should be commenting about your books, but I'm super jealous of your Blake Shelton tickets!