Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tail waggin Tuesday... i mean Thursday :(

I love the Tail Waggin Tuesday link up that CMae has and i missed this Tuesday so i am linking up today!

So here is Macy's Christmas picture, she is such a sweet girl and loves her sweaters! I can't wait to show you her Christmas presents! But you have to wait until after Christmas! :)

We will also be celebrating her 3rd (21st) Birthday on 26th, so make sure you stop back to wish our sweet fur baby a Happy Birthday!

Macy says Merry Christmas!!

Until Next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

SO cute, love the red sweater! :)

CMae said... [Reply]

It's never to late to link up!!! :) Thanks so much for participating! Merry X mas!

Lost&Found said... [Reply]

I have to check out this link-up! I have so many pictures of my fur babies that I would love to share!

Happy New Year!