Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorating & 101 in 1001 things

I finally got a few Christmas pictures of the house loaded onto the computer, i have added a few things and changed a few things around since these were taken, so i apologize for it not being complete :) I will take those when all the gifts are wrapped and we are closer to Christmas! I can't believe there is only 12 days of shopping left! Crazy how fast the time has gone, here in Iowa we do not have any snow yet and I am hopeful we will have some before Christmas, we are getting rain on Monday and Tuesday and hopeful that next week the snow will come, i really do enjoy having a White Christmas :) Do you have snow yet?

 Of course Macy has her own stocking at our house and it will be filled from Santa with her favorite treats :)

 I asked for the Willow tree Nativity for Christmas one year and was very lucky to get almost all the pieces to it and then for my Anniversary the following year i was able to buy the 2 missing pieces to complete the set, i am so happy with it and just love it! I think it looks great!
I saw this idea on a blog last year and thought i would try it out this year, i just put ribbon on the door and then went to Hancock Fabric to buy mini clothes pins and that is how i have attached the cards, i have 2 doors with the ribbon in case we get too many cards :) How do you display your Christmas cards?

I had extra bows and didn't want them to go to waste, so i decided to add them to our light fixture above our kitchen table :)

Another thing off my 101 in 1001 days list :) 

A week ago my friend Janelle and I decided to take a Holiday Appetizer cooking class, it was fun and i got lots of really great recipes and i am excited to try a few of them on my own this Holiday season! We are hoping to take another couple cooking classes when the new class schedule comes out after the new year. Have you taken a cooking class? Did you learn a lot? I did learn a lot from this cooking class it just shows that sometimes things can be a lot easier then what you think and i need easy and good recipes :) What is your favorite Holiday Appetizer? If you would like to share the recipe, i would love to have it :) Below are some pictures of our class. (please excuse how terrible i look haha)

As a class we made all the stuff you see on the table, we all picked one recipe to make so we had time to taste everything.

I wanted t leave you with a our sweet Macy's Christmas picture, i know you just love it :) I dont' think she can get any cuter :) She says Merry Christmas :)

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Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

Your Christmas decorations look great! And Macy is as cute as ever! :)

Angel said... [Reply]

Your decorations look amazing!!

Chris and Carolyn said... [Reply]

Your house looks fabulous! I am using the idea from this blog for our christmas cards this year - it's a really easy idea and i love the product so far! It also makes them super easy to flip through :)