Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Jiggle Weight Loss Challenge Week 3

I am linking up again for week 3 of the Weight Loss Challenge!

Week 3 is here and I thought i was not going to be successful since I was in Washington DC for work for the week and I had missed 2 days of my boot camp class, but I must say I must  have been keeping busy and i was moving and did do Jillian and I lost 2.6 pounds this week!!! I am very excited about the progress I have made, I have to say the NO diet soda has helped me a lot because I use to crave all the sweets after I would drink it. Plus I have been very good about making sure I am drinking 64 + ounces a water a day and watching my portions, I have also been trying to get up from my desk about every hour and move around and stretch, I think it helps me stay focused during the day! I feel great and I am ready to hit my boot camp class hard tonight!! Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend and I can ride my bike too! I am still on the hunt for a bike trailer for Macy to ride in :)

I will be blogging again tomorrow about my trip to DC and I will tell you about wonderful my cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake (also known as DC cupcakes on TLC)  :)

Can't wait to see everyone progress this week! I just love all the kind words and motivation this link up has to offer everyone during this challenge! I just LOVE it!! :)

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said... [Reply]

That's great! Keep it up :)

Zara said... [Reply]

2.6 pounds!!! I just did a little jig for you! That is awesome!!!

I LOVE DC by the way! My older brother and cousin live out there and I just love visiting. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :-)

Melissa said... [Reply]

i LOVE your header!! Way to go on the pounds lost!!! :) :) That's awesome!! I'm working hard, too. And i gave up diet soda in January - so glad i did! :)

Piril Maria said... [Reply]

Like it. =)

♥ Greets,

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said... [Reply]

Good job, girl! 2.6 pounds is awesome :)