Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday, some of my favorites.

I have been seeing lots of people sharing what some of their favorite things are and I thought I would share some of mine and hopefully you will share yours with me!

1. Favorite foundation: I have tried a million different types of foundation and I have settled on Clinque's Super balanced makeup, it goes on so smooth and gives me just the right coverage!

Google image

2. Favorite Perfume: I use to have quite the collection of perfumes, but as the years have gone on I have slowly gotten rid of them and have stuck to just a few that I like, I am always looking for news one though, I j have not found one that my nose likes :) So right now I am wearing Burberry Perfume for Women.

3. Favorite Chapstick: This one has been my hands down go to chapstick for many years, I just love it!! Chapstick brand medicated!!! I have about 30 of them around the house and a couple in my car and at my desk at work! :) It goes on so smooth and helps my lips tremendously with the dry and LONG winter months here in Iowa.

google image
4. Favorite Body Lotion: If my husband was to answer this, he would tell you I love them all, I really do try many lotions and I am just finally settling on a couple that I like, so this one is still in the air for what I LOVE, but right now I am using Cetaphil body lotion and it seems to be doing the job, but I am not sold on this one yet! 
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5. Favorite Book: I have read many books over the years, but one of my all time favorites is Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson, I read the entire book in one day and still love it!!! 

I hope I can learn a little more about you and what your favorites are.

Today, my sister Jaime and I are starting our boot camp, so wish us luck! :) I might be sore tomorrow when I come to work............ I will keep you up to date on the details! But no pain no gain right?!

Also, I stumbled across these cool posters you can frame, check them out here they only make a few of the locations, but Iowa is one they have visited. I am excited to order the University of Iowa one and get it framed for our basement!! GO HAWKS!!!

Until next time,