Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines Day and Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dad on Sunday! We had a great day at my parent’s house to celebrate my dad’s BiRtHdAy and to watch the Daytona 500, my dad and brother are big race fans! Last year I attended my first NASCAR race it was a good time, but it is always a fun time to hang with your family! Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? Which race? The race was very interesting and it broke some records, I believe it had a record of 16 cautions for 1 race and a 20 year old driver WON, putting the Woods brothers back in Victory lane, the last time they were was 1976! So overall it was a good day, I think it always nice to see someone “new” win instead of the same few drivers! They are off to Phoenix next week.

My dad and I on my wedding day! :)

We also go to see our niece Lily! She is getting so big and she is as cute as ever! I keep saying she was saying my name :(  but she was really saying “what’s that” haha, I am hopeful, since she has said Joe I am a bit heartbroken……

She is so cute, check out her awesome vest we got her for Christmas! Plus the shoes are too cute :)

Joe and I have been busy getting out DIY house projects on the drawing board, hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend and we can take down our Christmas lights, so the new roof can be done in the early part of April :) Then the landscaping of flowers and plants!! I am so excited to do this again! We are also hoping to hang the drywall and get new carpet in the basement this spring! I am also planning to do some painting on the inside of our house, any suggestions? I was hoping to paint the kitchen a nice color, it is a sage color now, but we are getting a new counter top so I want to change the color before that is put in.

I am a bit behind on our Valentine’s Day post, but I am not a HUGE fan of this day, you should show the person you love every day how much you love them, not just one day out of the year! Joe and I went to eat at one of our favorite places to eat in Marion, Cibo, if you have not been there, you need to try it! Great service and food! We also exchanged cards, because our gifts to each other were not romantic haha and too big to give to each other, here is what I am getting and here is what Joe is getting, we are silly ;) <3

I need some suggestions on paint colors for bathrooms and kitchens! Let me know what some of your favorites are!

Until next time,

Me :0