Friday, February 4, 2011

Macy/Snow storm 2011

I tell you this little dog of ours, is SPOILED rotten! On December 6, 2010 Macy had to have surgery, she had a fatty tumor that needed to be removed. This poor little 4.5 pound dog was in a lot of pain, she was kissed and hugged for many days! She has recovered well and her hair is growing back good! I wanted to share a couple of cute pictures of Macy!

Do you have a favorite dog treat you like to treat your dog with? We treat Macy to Merrick Flossies, they are her FAVORITE, if we are lucky the treat will last a few days! :) Check them out here.

Our cute little Macy girl <3

Poor Macy after her surgery, she was glad to have something to eat :(
 We got quite the snow storm in the Midwest over the week, we got about 13 inches of snow, along with winds blowing 30-35 mph, which made for a mess! Most schools and businesses got a "snow day" Even as an adult i enjoyed my snow day :) I enjoyed my day inside. I have attached a photo of the snow hanging off the house. (Yes we still have Christmas lights out, if the snow ever melts we can take them down :)) Poor Joe was outside, snow blowing for an hour or more! What a great hubby i have <3

Blizzard 2011
Hope everyone is staying warm! Have a great weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl, who are you cheering for?