Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hadley - 8 months

How is it possible you are 3/4 of a year old! I can't believe how fast the time is going! On your 8 month birthday, you crawled for the first time and clapped for the first time! I was SO happy I was hope to witness you doing these milestones! You are seriously the best gift your dad and I have ever received! You have 2 teeth and they are the cutest little teeth ever!
Clothes: You are wearing 9 month clothes, but you have a few 6 month items that still fit you! You are tall and skinny, you must get that from your daddy ;)

Health: You are a great eater and very healthy! You are growing and growing, which makes this mommy's heart sad and happy at the same time!

Diet:   You eat around every 4 hours during the day and you have been going around 6-7 hours in the night, you are strictly eating breast milk and during the day you get 2 ounces of a fruit or veggie, at night you still nurse and get the opposite of what you didn't get at lunch time. You also get puffs and yogurt melts! You love both of them and could eat an entire bottle I think haha! You are also getting the hang of your sippy cup which I love!

Sleep:  You have finally starting sleeping through the night again, but you every once in awhile you like to get up and nurse back to sleep which I am ok with because I know sooner rather than later that, that you won't want to do that anymore because you are growing so fast! You have also started to sleep on your belly, we put you to bed on your back and you instantly roll over to your belly, you like to sleep like your mommy!

Baby Gear:  You are moving and crawling, pulling yourself up so you love your play table, you still love to be worn in your Ergo carrier, you love your Minnie doll, Sophie, your blocks and your favorite your baby Einstein toy. You have also found a love for empty water bottles! You also love BOOKS,  I swear you would "eat" all of them if you could :) You also love any toy that sings the ABC's haha!

Likes:  Baths, crawling, trying to catch Macy, splashing in Macy's water dish, drinking out of your sippy cup swinging at the park, sleeping, snuggle time with mommy and daddy, rocking in your rocker, your sister Macy, feeding time, your crib, pacifiers, car rides, listening to music, being outside watering the plants, shopping with mommy :)  you also love the pool and stroller rides.

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being hungry, running out of puffs on your high chair and also cold diaper wipes and you do not like to be woken up!

Happy 8 months Hadley Marie! We are so blessed you are our daughter we love you to the moon and beyond! We love watching you grow and do new things, but seriously slow down baby girl! We thank our lucky stars every day for you!