Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hadley 7 months old

I know I say this every single month, but seriously the time really does fly by when you are having the time of your life being a mommy to the sweetest baby around! We waited for over 3.5 years to be parents and when we saw those 2 lines we knew we were in the for the biggest joy of our lives and boy has it been! But seriously Hadley, slow down :)
Clothes: You are still wearing a lot of 6 month stuff and getting into your 9 month stuff, I sure hope your 9 month stuff fits, because most of all your summer stuff is 9 months! You are tall and skinny, you must get that from your daddy ;)
Health: You are a great eater and very healthy, you had your 6 month check up in the middle of May and you weighed 16 pounds and were 27 inches long, the Dr said you are very healthy and VERY active! You are sitting up, trying to crawl, you are also scooting on your back on the floor and rolling, rolling and more rolling to get where you want to be! I just love watching you explore and get to where you need to be it really is the cutest thing in the world!
Diet:   You eat around every 4 hours during the day and you have been going around 6-7 hours in the night, you are strictly eating breast milk during the day and then at night you get oatmeal and some sort of veggie or fruit, so far you seem to like everything except peas, we still try them, but you seem to make bad faces, I don't blame you because mommy doesn't like them either :) The Dr, said we could start giving you "table" food at 9 months, so we are looking forward to that, you really want to eat anything, you open your mouth at anything and when we are holding you and eating a snack or eating you open your mouth like a little birdie and I swear it makes me laugh every time! I just love it! You still do not have any teeth yet, but you are chewing on anything and everything, so I guess it is just a matter of time before my toothless baby because a little baby with lots of little white teeth!

Sleep:  You have finally starting sleeping through the night again, but you every once in awhile you like to get up and nurse back to sleep which I am ok with because I know sooner rather than later that, that you won't want to do that anymore because you are growing so fast! You have also started to sleep on your side, we put you to bed on your back and when we go in there you are fast asleep on your side, it really is the cutest thing to see a sweet little baby sleeping on her side :)
Baby Gear:  You love to be sitting up now and playing with your toys, you still love the rattles, you also love fisher price keys that sing, your new Minnie doll, your v-tech move and crawl, your first dolly, Sophia the giraffe and I say your favorite toy is your paci haha! You still love being in your Ergo, your stroller you have also really started taking a liking to your blocks, and chewing on your books!

Likes:  Baths, sitting up, rolling all over the floor, drinking out of your sippy cup swinging at the park, sleeping, snuggle time with mommy and daddy, rocking in your rocker, your sister Macy, feeding time, your crib, pacifiers, car rides, listening to music, being outside watering the plants, shopping with mommy :)  you also love the pool and stroller rides.

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being hungry and also cold diaper wipes and you do not like to be woken up!

Happy 7 months Hadley Marie! We love you so much! We love watching you become the sweetest little girl, we are also enjoying all the kisses, hugs and slobbery toys you give us! You have lots of firsts this month trying all the new baby foods, stroller rides and you also went with mommy for a pedicure, can't wait until you can get your own little piggies painted :) You also had your skin tag removed on May 21st and I think mommy was more worked up then you were, you are such a brave little baby!

We love you with everything we have!

Love Mommy!