Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to Work :(

I have been pretty emotional the last couple of days, as my 12 week maternity leave is ending on Wednesday morning as I head back to work, it is not that I do not like my job and I enjoy doing what I do, but seriously my heart tells me that spending my time with Hadley is the most important job I have ever done. Financially we can't have me stay home and I am fine with that, I know that she is going to enjoy time away from me and also she is going to be getting the best care around, my husband and her 2 grandmas! How lucky is sweet little Hadley?

So mommies, how did you cope with going back to work?
Any suggestions on things I need to have when I go back?
Also, did you have set a routine with your baby before you headed back?
If you are breastfeeding, did you notice a supply loss?
How often did you pump 2 times or more, I work 8-4 so I was planning on pumping 2 times throughout the day and then nursing her when I get home from work.

Hopefully I can also get back into blogging again, but watch out, I am sure all the posts will be about Hadley! I am working on my birth story and also working on how I did with my Diabetes while I was pregnant!

Again, any suggestions to help with going back to work are greatly appreciated! Of course here are a couple new pictures of our sweet baby Hadley!

Until next time!