Thursday, March 14, 2013


4 years ago today we adopted the sweetest little dog! I was never quite sure if i wanted a dog, but Joe wanted 1 from the day we got married i think a week after we were married he asked me if we could get a dog, i said i think we needed to wait, about a year and half later we went to see all the puppies and held Macy she was so little and i wasnt' sure, but then she licked my face and i could not put her down or give her back! I knew then she was coming home with us!!

Here she is right after we got her home playing with her new toys!

Here she is sitting with Joe waiting on her paperwork so we can take her home!

As some of you remember a year ago today, Macy had to have surgery on her back legs, she had luxating patellas and needed to have them fixed! It was so sad taking her to the Vet that day, but knew she was in great hands. Now, a year later Macy can run and walk so much better, we couldn't be happier with the surgery! Here are a  few pictures from the day we brought her home from her surgery, she was in a lot of pain for a few days, but started to feel better after some snuggling and lots of kisses :)

Mommy and Macy the morning of her knee surgery

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Here she is this morning, ready to snuggle with her daddy after i headed to work!
We sure love you Macy and we are so lucky to have you! I will spoil you with kisses and a few treats tonight when i get home from work! <3>
Until next time!


jessica renee said... [Reply]

oh my gosh she was so so teeny!! Happy 4 years! :)

Laura Darling said... [Reply]

She is so sweet! I can't believe how little she was!!