Monday, September 17, 2012


We have been really busy lately, i will be back with an update on that soon!

But, i wanted to share this with you, Saturday the mail came and in it was the electric bill, now it has been really HOT here in Iowa in August, so i was prepared for the bill to be a bit higher than "normal" but as you see, here is what the bill said and to say my jaw hit the floor when i saw this number was an under statement HAHA!

If you can't read that the amount due is $449.14.............................. Yes i about fell over, but i called the energy company to say i think you might have misread the meter, because it is just not possible for 2 people to use that much energy haha, so i had to re-read the numbers to her and it, was a mis read!

Thank goodness, so we will have a new bill that should be around $170.. phew to say the least! I was hoping to get a break in between the gas bills and this one!

On another note, we finished tearing up the carpet and put out that and our railing we replaced to be picked up by the city today! WOOHOO! I will be back with updates on the basement remodeling soon! But i will leave you with a picture of the pile :)

Happy Monday!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

Holy Moly, that bill. I am so glad you called and it was a mis read! Wowza!

Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

omg you are so lucky that was just an error! I might've died from a heart attack! ha. Every month since June ours has been $200-250ish. Oh the joys of living in Texas. lol

hope you're doing well!!