Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am missing the blog world, i have been so busy that the days without blogging have gotten away from me!! Let's hope i can get back into the swing of things! Linking up with Jamie today for What I"m Loving Wednesday. Happy Ash Wednesday!
I'm Loving:  That i got to see this cute little girl this weekend! She is too fun and they just change so much and grow so fast! She loves her aunt :) I taught her to pound it and she use to call my mom "gooey" now she says Grandma, but i thought Gooey was the sweetest name for a Grandma :)

She loves her bate, bate stir, stir :) (Dora teaches her a lot)

I'm Loving:  That Lily loves her "fix it's" and that her mom bought her a Vera Bradley purse to put her tools in when we were shopping :)
I'm Loving:  That i am officially going to get my teeth professionally whitened with the laser whitening system! Looking forward to it! I will post before and after pictures once it is done :) Here is a picture from my dentist office of a before and after. have you had your teeth whitened with the laser whitening system, if so do you love it?
I'm Loving: That is it more than time enough for Joe and I to get new phones, i am wanting the Iphone, but we might end up getting the new samsung Galaxy? Any suggestions?? choices, choices... What do you have, do you love it or hate it. I have an I-pod touch and love all the things i can do with it!


I'm Loving:  That we got a new cable provider at home, we were paying well over 200 a month for cable and internet, we have been a long term customer with this company but they were not willing to work with us, so we switched to Directv, we are very happy with the service and the extras we got including whole house DVR :) What cable company do you have? it cut our bill by 62% to switch, woohoo on savings!!

I'm Loving:  That the days are getting longer which means more time outside and it also makes me think i have more time after work to get things done! haha!
I'm Loving: My sweet husband and sweet fur baby :)
Hope you are having a wonderful Wedensday, looking forward to seeing what you are loving today!

Until next time,