Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday & What I'm Loving Wednesday!

  I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had a great day and i just love handing out candy to all the kids, plus they all love Macy :) We also got to see Lily and she was the cutest lady bug i have ever seen :) (of course i am not biased at all :))We went to my parents house to Lily all dressed up and i have been waiting for about 4 months for her to say my name and she gave me THE BEST early birthday present and said my name on Halloween! I was so happy!!! As you can tell she loves her Aunt Mel :) This is also my link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday it is all about my niece and Macy :)

She loves her aunt Mel :)
Macy's pumpkin, it is so cute, just like her!!
I just love this picture!
So sweet!!
She likes to "walk" with her hands :)
My little pumpkin and me, she doesn't like the flash on the camera :(
Joe's pumpkin :)

Yesterday November 1st was my birthday, so it is always fun to have Halloween and then a birthday! But as you get older birthday's are just another day, but my wonderful husband got me a yummy cake and we had dinner and then just hung out with Macy. Joe was headed to Vegas today so we were busy getting things together for him, but i had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Monday and Tuesday! Here is to enjoying my last year of being in my twenties!! :) Crazy huh? Below is the picture from my in-laws house on Sunday.
Until next time,


Kit said... [Reply]

Great carved pumpkins

Chris and Carolyn said... [Reply]

Lily is SOO cute!!!

Laura said... [Reply]

Happy Belated Birthday, and my pug frank was pumpkin too...the Great Pumpkin to be exact.

Lisa said... [Reply]

I love the pumpkins! Happy Wednesday!